SMI Artist Recital Series -
Thomas Kurtz (Sax.) &
Young Woong Cho (Pf.)


April 24, Sat, 2021

SMI Artists, Thomas Kurtz(Sax.) and Young Woong Cho(Pf.) performed repertoire by Young, Chapela, Clara Schumann and Chpin in Austin, TX.

SMI Artist Recital Series -
Ahra Oh(Pf.)


April 23, Fri, 2021

The SMI's Co-Artistic Director Ahra Oh's solo recital at Lincoln Center in New York, NY

Young Woong Cho & Friends -
Min Kyung Yook & 
Young Woong Cho Piano Recital

육민경&조영웅 피아노 리사이틀 포스터.jpeg

March 9, 2021

Internationally acclaimed pianist Min Kyung Yook and the SMI's founder and Artistic Director Young Woong Cho performed selected repertoire for solo and 4 hands